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"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer."

Henry Kissinger. New York Times, Oct. 28.1973


"The power of Shahid’s cartoons are acute. Take a close look if you dare. Instead of euphemisms, find direct statements; instead of evasion, find candor. The skill of illustration is matched by the acuity of vision..."

Norman Solomon








In what could be the most talked-about viral video of the week, Paris Hilton is responding to Republican presidential candidate John McCain's unauthorized use of her image in a campaign ad in her all-new video spoof posted on In the parody, a voiceover refers to McCain as the... READ MORE

Iraq's Deadline

"Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding, or will it be irrelevant? We will work with the UN security council for the necessary resolutions. But the purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The security council resolutions will be enforced - the just demands of... READ MORE

Dog Greeting

Some dogs just don't naturally play well with others. So here are some tips to help you help your dog.

  • Start with a diplomat, a friendly, non-threatening, confident dog.
  • Take both dogs to a neutral area, one that neither feels they have to defend, preferably a fenced area that is big enough...

The Death of Idi Amin

"It is absurd to impose on an individual or a society rights that are alien to its beliefs or principles," Saudi Arabia's deputy premier and effective head of state Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz told the U.N. Third Millenium summit in New York on September 6. He warned of... READ MORE


"Thousands of valuable historical items from Baghdad's main museum have been taken or destroyed by looters. Nabhal Amin, deputy director at the Iraqi National Museum, blamed the destruction on the United States for not taking control of the situation on the streets ... Iraq is a cradle of civilisation, with... READ MORE

Impregnating Karachi

"Sexual reproduction is a union that results in increasing genetic diversity of the offspring. It is characterized by two processes: meiosis, involving the halving of the number of chromosomes; and fertilisation, involving the fusion of two gametes and the restoration of the original number of chromosomes. During meiosis, the chromosomes... READ MORE

The Handshake

hand shake

"I would like to extend a hand of genuine, sincere friendship to Prime Minister Vajpayee (Pervaiz Musharraf, 2002)."



"We have to worry about our security also. The international community should understand that there is a limit to India's tolerance (Atal Behari Vajpayee, 2002)."


"We do not... READ MORE

Fallen Star

pakistans nuclear flag

Pakistan's flag was designed by Syed Amir-ud-Din Kedwai. Adopted on August 11, 1947 it is also commonly known as Parcham-e-Sitara aur Hilal (meaning The Flag of the Crescent and Star).

The flag has a dark green field (representing the country's Muslim majority) with a vertical white stripe on the left... READ MORE

Remembering 9/11

Never Forget

"So here we have it. The equivocating distinction between civilization and savagery, between the "massacre of innocent people" or, if you like, "a clash of civilizations" and "collateral damage". The sophistry and fastidious algebra of infinite justice. How many dead Iraqis will it take to make the world a better... READ MORE

The Rape of Afghanistan

“From the outset, we have made it clear that the construction of our proposed pipeline cannot begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of our government, lenders, and our company [I urge] the Administration and Congress to give strong support to the UN lead peace... READ MORE

Sowing Democracy

Nourishing Democracy

"But the "troops out" debate overlooks an important fact. If every last soldier pulled out of the Gulf tomorrow and a sovereign government came to power, Iraq would still be occupied: by laws written in the interest of another country; by foreign corporations controlling its essential services; by 70% unemployment... READ MORE